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Clean Green Lint Dog Hair Removal Roller Brush

Clean Green Lint Dog Hair Removal Roller Brush

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When a dog rules your world, fur is a fact of life. But with our Clean Green Lint Dog Hair Removal Roller Brush , you can brush away the doggy glitter with ease! Unlike tape rollers, this nifty roller brush lets you pick up hair and fur, then close it away inside the plastic housing. So, stop fussing with sticky rollers and save time with a lint brush that picks up hair fast!

As a dog parent, you’re familiar with the tape lint rollers of old, so you know what it’s like to fight with sticky adhesives that cling to you and everything else! And how many times do you have to rip off a sheet to get all the hair? Our lint roller brush with a cover changes all that and brings ease to rolling away the fur. 

To use, turn the handle to reveal the brush. Brush your clothes or furniture. When done, turn the handle to close the roller and store it away until you need it again. To empty the roller when full, simply push the top to open the housing and clean out the lint. That fast; you’re ready to roll again. And let’s face it, because you live with dogs, you’ll probably need it again pretty quickly! 

No sticky tape means our roller is ideal for all types of clothing, even delicate sweaters. Plus, you can use it on pillows, blankets, sheets, beds, and your sofa too! And because it twists closed, it’s great for travel. It’s also super cute in pastel aqua. 

  • No Escaping Debris - The rotating design and cover trap lint and fur, so there’s no fly-away debris to undo your cleaning!
  • Simple & Stylish - Thanks to a clean design and the beautiful pastel color, you can leave this roller in plain sight for quick use. 
  • Stores Clean & Tidy - The rotary design allows for easy storage, so the roller doesn’t stick to other items like typical tape rollers. 
  • Fast & Easy Clean Out - When the roller is full, you can easily pop off the top and toss the trash inside. Replace the top, and you’re ready to go again! 
  • Give Back - For every lint roller purchased, we’ll donate 3 meals to shelter dogs.

Material & Dimensions:

  • Material - Plastic 
  • Size - 7” L x 2½” W  

How to use: Turn the handle and brush your clothes or furniture. Push the top to pop open and clean out the lint when full. When finished, turn the handle to close the roller and store away until the next use.

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