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BumbleBath™ Spotless Sudz Foaming Bathing Sprayer for Dogs

BumbleBath™ Spotless Sudz Foaming Bathing Sprayer for Dogs

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Instead of getting frustrated with a wiggling dog during bathtime, just suds em up and hose them clean with our BumbleBath Spotless Sudz Foaming Bathing Sprayer for Dogs! Not only is it equipped with a handy nozzle that sprays eight different streams, but this sprayer also features a shampoo container so you can get your dog sudsy with a simple nozzle switch. 

With the soap canister and eight spray patterns, you’re set for every aspect of your dog’s bath. Wet them down with a clear stream, turn on the soap switch, and lather them up! Turn off the soap and rinse them clean. It’s that easy, and you only need one hand. Plus, you can choose a setting your dog finds relaxing for a little aqua massage! 

But it’s not just for bathtime. Attach the spray head to a standard hose nozzle* anywhere you need soap and water! Our spotless sprayer is excellent for washing floors, glass, and cars. Skip the soap and use it to water plants too. And function meets heart with this handy tool because we donate three meals to hungry dogs with every sprayer sold. 

  • Add Soap, Attach, & Bathe - Add your favorite dog shampoo to the foam container to easily apply soap to your pup’s fur. Simply turn the soap switch off and on with one hand! 
  • 8 Spray Patterns - Choose from mist, cone, rinse, stream, shower, jet, center, or flat streams. 
  • Multi-Use Nozzle - In addition to bath time, use this sprayer to water plants, wash cars and floors, and clean windows.
  • Connects Simply to * Standard 3/4" Garden Hose
    Insert the garden hose into the connector and tighten the nut to use, no other fasteners are needed, simple and easy to install.

Give Back - For every sprayer purchased, we’ll donate 3 meals to shelter dogs.


  • Sprayer Material - Rubber, plastic
  • Sprayer Dimensions- 8.26" x 4.72" x 2.36 "
  • Additional Hose Adapter:  1/2"
  • Does not include flexible yellow hose shown in image photo. Example only for additional hose adapter use.
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